Choosing your blog’s topic and blog name

Welcome to lesson 1 of the blogging tutorial!

Lesson One will teach you how to choose the right blog’s idea and blog’s name.

Let’s get started. 

Both blog topic and blog name are the foundation of any established blog. So therefore, I will advice you pay a good attention to this step 1 tutorial.

Your blog topic is also called blog niche or blog idea and it is one of the most important steps for your blog success as it determines the area of specialty of your blog.

Blog idea (niche) is the specific topic or type of content contained in your blog. Let say your blog is about cooking, that means all your blog topics or articles about cooking tips found in your blog are called your blog ideas. Or For instance, if you want to start a blog about Health and fitness, your niche will be on various health’s tips.

Identifying and targeting a specific topic on your blog will help you attract readers who are interested in the same topic.

In summary, let your blog concentrate on one particular area or field. I hope you got that! Good.

Blog name is also called blog domain and it serves as an address people will use to access your website.

In order word, domain name is what users type into the web address bar to get into your site.

For example, is the domain address of the google and is the domain name of this blog you are reading now.

A good domain name is short and memorable, but also relevant to your niche or topic. You don’t want to choose a domain name that’s too long or difficult to spell since this will make it harder for people to find your blog. Make sure that you choose something that can’t be confused with another website or trademarked brand. For example, let say you want to blog about cooking, you can have a domain like

A domain has an extension like .com, .net or .org.

A domain with .com in its extension is the most preferable.

To help you further, here are some extra tips of choosing an excellent domain name.

  1. Try and choose domain name with .com extension as it is the most preferable.
  2. Keep it as shorts as possible and make it meaniful.
  3. Avoid using hyphens, numbers and confusable words
  4. Make your domain name relevant to your blog topic

In the next few steps, I will tell you how to register your preferred domain without paying for it. Just continue reading….

N.B: If you can’t still decide on a good domain name. Contact me here and I will personally help you to suggest a good domain you can use base on your desire blog type .

If you still confuse on what blog name or Niche you want for your blog, just read the next chapter.

  • What of if you still unsure on what type of blog you can have?

If you are still unsure on what to blog about, just use the following criteria to find and decide on your blog topic:

  • Hobbies and passions: Hobbies and passions varies from every individual. look into yourself and find out what you know or like best. You can start your blog on what you like or what you do best. For example, if you know how to cook, you can start a blog explaining different cooking techniques and cooking recipes and believe me, many people that want to learn cooking will see your blog as a goldmine.
  • Personal working profession: This one is very easier as almost everyone has a profession which he or she has spent many years to learn. For example, if you are a Doctor, Nurse or Physiotherapist, you can have your own personal blog counseling people. Every other non-medical professional can also have their own blog helping people through what they know best about their profession or knowledge. There are many people out there that need help and your skills you already possessed can be of life changer to them.
  • Life experiences: If you have past history of how you encounter certain issues and how you come with solution, you can start a blog about it; many people will like to use your exact solution techniques to solve the same problem you once encountered.

Just to get you off brainstorming, here are some popular topics or niches for blogging:

  1. Marketing
  2. Pets
  3. Fishing
  4. Travel
  5. Beauty
  6. Food
  7. Technology
  8. Health and fitness
  9. Sports
  10. Business and money
  11. Weddings

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Blog name is also called ?

Blog name is also called blog domain and it serves as an address people will use to access your website.

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Which one is the best ideal for a good domain name?

A good domain name should be short and memorable and also relevant to your niche or topic

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Blog idea is also called ?

blog idea is also called blog niche and it is a specific topic or type of content contained in your blog.

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Which of the domain extension is the most preferable when choosing the blog domain ?

Domain name with .com extension is the most preferable. Examples are,, e.t.c

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