How to get your blog online with web hosting

Welcome to lesson 2 of the blogging tutorial!

Lesson Two will teach you how make your blog appear online so that people can access it

Let’s get started. 

Now that you have gotten your domain name and blog idea from previous STEP 1, it is time to get your blog online.

To get your blog online, you need only these three things:

  1. Domain name.
  2. Blogging software platform
  3. Web hosting

N.B: One good thing is that once you get Web hosting, you will automatically get the domain and the blogging software inclusive as one package

Domain name: As you already know, is your blog name. I expected you to have one in your mind to use by now. This is because, you will use when you are registering your hosting server for your blog soon and I will also tell you how to get the domain name free; just continue reading

Blogging software platform: This is what you will need to help you organized and manage your blogs like creating new blog pages or editing your existed page. The best blogging software I will recommend is WordPress and it will be automatically available for installation on the web hosting you will get, so don’t worry at all, just continue reading.

Web hosting is an online server that will house or store all your blogs files like images, articles and make your website visible anytime people type in your website address (domain name) on the web. Web hosting is like your power house of your blog because it stores everything about your blog.

Remember, once you get good web hosting, that means, you get all the tools you needed to start your blog right away.

Most of the hosting company charges 10 to 15 dollars per months to host their website. This is too expensive for you as a beginner. Don’t worry, I will show you the cheapest and best hosting company you will use for your blogging. The web hosting I will show you will be less than 3 dollers per month which is very cheap.

To make your blog live, you must have a good web hosting. Don’t worry, next chapter will teach how to get your best web hosting for your blog.

I will explain how you will get your blog hosting server in the next chapter.

How to get your blog hosting.

This is the most important step as it determines how serious you are to make your blog available online for people to view it.

The best web hosting I will be using for this tutorial is Bluehost. I strongly recommend Bluehost as your blog hosting company as they will give you all the tools you need for your blogging activities as one package.

With Bluehost, you are getting free domain, cheapest hosting fees and free blog software called WordPress. That means, you will only pay for hosting fees which is the cheapest while you get other required tools free of charge.

Here are the top reasons why you should use Bluehost

  1. They will register a domain for you free; your own is to just choose any blog domain name you like and they will allocate it for you so that nobody will be able to use the same domain name again
  2. They have Outstanding good customer service
  1. They offer free automatic installation of the WordPress blogging software.
  2. Their hosting plan is one of the best in the world as WordPress personally recommended it. Remember WordPress is the blogging software you will use to manage and edit your blog.

N.B: This is where I give my special support. After you get your blog’s web hosting from Bluehost from any of Bluehost link on this tutorial webpage, you can always contact me here  in case of any additional help in your blog development, I offer it free of charge.

Now, follow the steps below to get your Web hosting from Bluehost:

  1. Click here to get the special Discount on Bluehost hosting(opens up in a new window) and then click host your site.

2. Select your plan. I recommend that the beginners should get the basic plan. Click “select” to choose your plan.

  1. To start the registration processes, type in your domain name in the left box and click “Next” .

N.B: Your domain name is your blog name you want to use and I believe, you must have known one to use by now.

  1. Fill out your billing details on the registration page.

N.B: Make sure you provide your valid email. This is because, after you finish, they will send you email confirming your web hosting details .

  1. Choose your hosting package options

N.B: As you are just starting as a blog beginner, uncheck everything apart from domain privacy protection as it is only one you need importantly.

Note that Bluehost only offers options to pay 2 or 3 years upfront.

They don’t offer monthly payment options to safe you from high expenses. With more years upfront, you are paying less. And with more years hosting package, you have more year to be happy and successful with your blog online.

  1. Complete your payment information, check the box that you agree to Bluehost’s term of service and click submit.

When you are done and everything went well, you will see the purchase confirmation message and once completed, you will also receive an email with details on how to login to your web hosting control panel (cPanel). This is where you manage everything from support, emails, among other things.

Woo! It is time for mini celebration.

You have officially completed the most important part in starting your blog.

Now that you have purchased your blog hosting server, click the create account to proceed to set up your blog

Congratulation! You have bought your blog hosting server and you have secured a server to make make your blog to be online . N.B: If you have truly purchased your hosting server from Bluehost as I described above and you later not able to read the rest tutorial to finish your blog, Don’t worry, I can be of help to finish your blog for you free of charge. Just contact me here Let’s proceed with the tutorial… The next step is to know how you will use your hosting server to house your blog and I will teach you that in the next chapter

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What helps you to house or store all your blogs files like images, articles and make your website visible anytime people type in your website address (domain name) on the web.

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What helps you to organized and manage your blogs like creating new blog pages or editing your existed page

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Once you get Web hosting, you will automatically get the following :

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