Install the blogging platform (WordPress)

Welcome to lesson 3 of the blogging tutorial!

If you already purchased your blogging hosting as I described in the previous chapter, then continue reading…

Remember, I told you that once you have your Bluehost hosting server, you will have all your needs to make your blog available online. This chapter will tell you how to activate the blogging software called WordPress into your Bluehost server.

WordPress is the most popular and best platform for a blog and fortunately, Bluehost system will install WordPress automatically and yours is to only activate it .

Follow these steps to activate the WordPress into your Bluehost server.

The next thing is to create your Bluehost account.

  • Step 1. Click the “Create your account” button .
  • Step 2. Enter your password or use the password generator, and complete the account set up.
  • Step 3. Your account is ready to go. Click the “Go to login” button.


Once you done the above step and login, you will be redirect to installation page and click skip this step as I highlighted below to automatically install your blogging software called WordPress:


You can as well login to WordPress by simply going to directly from your browser and enter your same username and password you provided when you created account.

After you login into your WordPress dashboard, you are now ready to start designing your blog interface

You are now set to beautify your blog by giving it good appearance and this will take us to the next step called Designing your blog interface with WordPress theme.

Good, you just finish step 3

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How does Bluehost install blogging platform ?

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What is the most popular and best platform for a blog

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When will you be able to install blogging platform ?

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